Harsh Narayan :

Harsh Narayan is the most recent and truly phenomenal musical talent to emerge from the family of the legendary Sarangi maestro Pandit Ram Narayan.
Son of the Sarod maestro Pandit Brij Narayan and grandson of Pandit Ram Narayan, his familial credentials are impeccable, to say the least.
Harsh has had the great fortune of studying under his grandfather since the age of 10. His talent has been shaped and nurtured inhouse in an environment that enhanced his musicianship and musical perception. His well-rounded training is evidenced in his concert presentations. His deep and total understanding of the technique of instrumental handling allows him an enviable degree of creative freedom which he uses with the flair of a seasoned performer.
He has a growing concert schedule, performing both in India and abroad. He has accompanied Pandit Ram Narayan in his concerts in the UK, Spain and Portugal. More recently, he performed to an enthusiastic response at the Sawai Gandharva Festival in Pune.
Armed with an MBA and a unique musical background, Harsh Narayan is eminently qualified to further the enormous work done by his grandfather in the field of Sarangi playing.

Harsh Narayan performed Sarangi at Rashtrapati Bhawan and being greeted by Indian President Abdul Kalam.
Harsh Narayan performing with his Grandfather the legendary Pt. Ram Narayan
on the Tabla Subhash Nirwan


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