...he ran the gamut of emotions from brooding introversion, through violent bursts of pain to extended passages of spiritual ecstasy. He passed through the many mood of a man reaching out to perfection to bliss, to God.
- The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

The Sarod a melodified Persian Rabab can produce the best of Hindustani classical music in the expert hands of Brij Naarayanji. The devotion and feeling with he coaxes raga bhava out of strings and gives "life" to the gat, taans and swar laya precision classical treatment.
- Times of India

.it has the merit of being and sweet, through it took audience by surprise. What Dickens !' wondered his listeners. Like Oliver Twist, they seemed to hunger for more.”
- Indian Express

Masterly, yes, for the renditions was most skilful and the artiste in full command of his muse.”
- Times of India, Mumbai

Pandit Brij Narayan Sarangi Nawaz Ram Narayan's son has the same puckish presence as his father's on the stage. His sarod went down to town on the raga, Marwa with zest and vigour showing this atonal scale at its most appealing. Both the alap and Jod were masterful in design and development.
- Times of India, Delhi

A Droit incorporation of the techniques of vocal music, a strong command over rhythmic patterns and a deep under standing of Raga Sangeet are the chief features of Pt. Brij Narayan's Sarod recitals. Distilling the essence of pathos, the entire allap is intensely melodious. Multani shines through the prism of Brij Naarayan's allap. The Sarod Sings in his hands as he moves to raag Kirwani. The listeners mesmerized in its web of Swaras, definitely on affair to remember, this one.
- Indian Express

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