Brij Narayan - Sarod,
Mukund Rajdeo - Tabla
Raga : Todi


Brij Narayan - Sarod,
Zakir Hussain - Tabla
Raga : Marwa / Des


Brijnarayan - Sarod
Raga : Bhatiyar, Shankara

Brij Narayan - Sarod,
Zakir Hussain - Tabla
Raga : Lalit, Bairagi, Bhairav


Brij Narayan - Sarod
Raga : Bilaskhani Todi, Piloo

Brij Narayan - Sarod
Raga : Jog, Dhun Mishra Des, Multani, Kirwani

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Brij Narayan - Sarod,
Raga : Ahir Bhairav, Madhuvanti

RICH HERTAGE : Legendary Legacy

Raga Marwa, Mishra Piloo

Rag Bhatiyar, Rag Shankara

CD Reviews:
 ***** Brilliant Performance, December 12, 2000

1.While Ustad Ali Akbar Khan remains the undisputed world master of Sarod, Brij Narayan is certainly a force to be reckoned with. In this recording, he brings a youthful vigor and intensity into his playing that makes the hair on the back of my kneck bristle. Now add Zakir Hussain, who is arguably the worlds best percussionist, and you have an intensely satisfying performance.

These two also teamed up on the CD "Indian Classical" (Pyramid Records)which includes an an awe-inspiring rendition of the labyrinthine Raga Marwa. Also highly recommended.

Mindblowing! The most amazing Lalit and Bairagi Bhairav you've ever heard.

2. February 22, 2007

This review is from: Raga Lalit / Raga Bairagi Bhairav - Brij Narayan, Sarod / Zakir Hussain, Tabla (Audio CD)
Go for it! The greatest living Sarodiya alive! The taans, gamaks...everything is superb. Two superb morning raagas with the emotions of longing...beautifully depicted by Pt. Brij Narayan. Zakirji provides excellent tabla accompaniment.

Fantastic Shree...Undoubtedly one of the best sarod players I have heard...

Marvellous! I have not listened to this style of sarod.Mesmerising! A great legend panditji.Thanks for sharing this video.Can you share more videos of this Maestro?

3.Such musicality, such spiritualityin his playing and his son Brij Narayan is a fascinating Sarod player and has followed in the footsteps of his father. I just got his son's Raga Lalit. It was really great. I recommend it and Ram Narayan's Malkauns is hauntingly beautiful and memorizing.

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